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#12714075 Sep 17, 2016 at 12:26 PM · Edited over 2 years ago
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Raid Requirements

  • Gear: 830 iLvL with 13 rank artifact and Enchants (Minimum)
  • Consumable: Flask and Food is a must (no runes needed for now)
  • Knowledge: You have to watch the videos or at least check up tactics for every boss

Emerald Nightmare

Kill order

#If we kill Nythendra we will decide which boss we do 2nd depending on the raid quality , for example if our dps is good we can do Ursoc.

We expect people that signed up to show on Wednesday so if someone can't make it plz say it in advance as we are trying to plan the first raid so that everyone can be part of it and everyone enjoys it but we will not drag people that are not prepared or we will not wait people that are late and none of the officers is informed.

As i said at the start of this thread , there is a possibility that we are more than 30 players. We will not make 2 raids for this week , it will be only 1 so if we are more than 30 players some will need to sit out and that will be decided from the officers and it will be mostly gear check (iLvL , enchants ) and of course if you are on time and logged in your character.

P.S. Because our GM (Gameaddict) will not be there on Wednesday to Lead us to victory 😜 , Shaolee and Almalodaka(me) will organize the raid for Wednesday

I will leave this thread open if you have questions or suggestions.

#12716696 Sep 18, 2016 at 01:48 PM
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Good common sense Raid requirement post. Knowing the planned kill order helps and a + in effort that you even went as far as included a link to the guides. : )
#12717327 Sep 18, 2016 at 06:47 PM
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Where do i acquire the necessary food and flasks?
#12719037 Sep 19, 2016 at 10:32 AM
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The food and flasks can be bought on the ah.
Or Find someone that can create them. We know the gold price is high right now.
Im working on the flasks but the end quest is in the raid.
So for now you have to buy them yourself.

For the ppl that do have all sorted out and still wont make the first raid day because we have so much signs, healers,tanks or same classes we are sorry. We hope that you will stick arround because we will do the best we can to fit in all players every week. Maybe not the first day but the days to Come.

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